This past year (the last half of it) was good to me.

Nearing the end of the year, and looking forward to 2018, I know that I want two things.

One of them is a thing. An abstract thing. Something achievable. Doable. Maybe.

The other is not a thing at all. I’m such a coward about it I can’t get myself to write about it, even on my own space here. I want this the most. I do not know if I can have it. Or if it’s meant for me.

I wish I knew.


I wish I knew the future


I mentioned that I’ve never been invited to a wedding. Someone replied, “That’s kinda sad.”

My invitation was in the mail … probably


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who visit my blog, or if you were bored out of your mind and you arrived here through a winding WordPress rabbit hole. Welcome.

Remember to be thankful for the things that mean the most to you. If one of them is random words, I’m thrilled that I can help.

Enjoy football, gravy, turkey and ham. Except, of course, if you don’t, and eat quinoa instead. How do you do it?

Happy Thanksgiving!


The semester is over. I’ve read everything I needed to read and my students have all earned their grades. I should have more time to dedicate to spilling my guts all over the Internet.

I have some time now