I can’t get away from Facebook’s location editor

I have an irrational disgust/obsession with the Facebook location editor.

There are odd times when, during a Facebook browsing session, I will do the worst possible thing and click on the location editor to see what locations other Facebook users have misnamed, mislabeled, or misspelled. If there are multiple entries for the same place, I have an unreasonable desire to merge or report places that shouldn’t be there.

For whatever reason, I feel like I have a duty to make sure that people – yes, strangers – don’t mistakenly check-in to bogus locations on Facebook. Once I click on the editor tab, I get lost into a never-ending editing and clean-up mode involving places I have both been to and never been to. It’s insane and I can’t help it.

It's "Krispy Kreme." With a  ... never mind.

It’s “Krispy Kreme.” With a … never mind.

For example, I see this, I want to pull my hair out. What I end up doing is edit the spelling of the place and report to merge it as a duplicate. It’s all in the hopes that someone at Facebook sees it and does the right thing. It’s ridiculous for me to do it because what does it actually accomplish? Nothing really. If anything, I’ve given Facebook some free labor on my part to try to weed out some bad data. In a way, I work for Facebook. In another, more accurate way, I’m a crazy person who shakes my fist at other people’s inability to properly input data.

Then there’s this.

It sounds like you're saying "DodgerS Stadium," but the signs say "Dodger Stadium." It's singular!

It sounds like you’re saying “Dodgers Stadium,” but the signs say “Dodger Stadium.” It’s singular!

Dodger Stadium is located in Los Angeles, Calif. The area code is 323. The ZIP code is 90012.

So no, you shouldn’t check-in to Dodger Stadium in Huntington Park, Van Nuys or Pacoima. Facebook users can be … inept, but your cellphone’s GPS is dumber. Don’t create a new “Dodger Stadium” in Sylmar folks! There’s only one, and it isn’t in the San Fernando Valley.

Look how many people have checked into these bogus Dodger Stadiums! It’s shocking. It’s disappointing … at least for me. It’s almost as if these people’s check-in never happened. Hundreds of people didn’t properly document their visit. They visited the wrong Dodger Stadium.

It’s a silly obsession. Maybe I just want to help people. Maybe I’m a sort of narcissist of “knowing” more than another Facebook user. Maybe I’m procrastinating, obsessing over this instead of something more important.

In some way, this data is important, but it isn’t life and death. It’s location metadata, advertising, technology and Facebook.

Thank goodness I’m not a Foursquare user.


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