Parts of iOS 7 look nice, but …


This is quite a change from what you’re used to seeing on the iPhone software. There have been complaints from many in the tech community saying the OS’ design, fonts, colors were outdated and could use a total overhaul to try to catch up with competitors design-wise.

I’d say Apple has certainly changed the look for the better. The colors are brighter. The fonts more modern and pleasing to the eye. The Weather app looks really nice. I want to use it and glance at the weather even if I am near a window or sitting outside. The Mail app, although perhaps a bit too colorless for my taste, also looks pleasant. Multitasking reminds me of Android and webOS and it looks intuitive and easier to use. The lockscreen looks … familiar though.

The icons are not one of the things that jump out as an advance in design. At first, I welcome the change. The colors for the icons stood out. When you look a little closer at the icons however, you want to look away. They’re just not nice to look at. 

Messages: The speech bubble appears to be disproportionate to the rest of the icon.

Photos: It’s supposed to be the gallery for photos, correct? It doesn’t lead me to understand what it does.

Camera: Whoa. So sorry.

Weather: It just looks overly simplified and too flat.

Game Center: It looks like the Photos app icon, but with speech bubbles instead.

Newsstand: It looks disorganized given the differing sizes of the pictured books or magazines.

Settings: The gear was replaced by what looks like a vent for a cooling fan on a PC.

Safari: Oh, Safari.

I’m guessing this isn’t finalized software. There are a few months before its release later this year, so I would presume there’s still time to tweak or maybe even change up what appears here. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world. Maybe by the time of release, these icons will just look normal and we’ll look back at this and think of it as silly first-world problems. Perhaps.

Just change the Safari icon. That one I am serious about. Please, Apple. Please.

I’m opening comments. I’m curious about the reaction a post on a polarizing topic like this gets.


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