Surviving South America

This post shows pictures of people from Bolivia. I went there only one time and that was way back in 1995. I was only 12 years old and didn’t really want to be there. I was really homesick and didn’t appreciate the unique culture and lifestyle my family came from. But what do you expect? I was 12.

Rather than trying to recapture all the details of my trip through South America (as I have been unsuccessfully attempting since I returned), I’ve decided to share my top memorable moments and favourite shots while backpacking through Peru and Ecuador this past September. Spending half my trip with my partner in crime and half of it backpacking solo for the first time was an experience of a lifetime.

Although  I haven’t conquered it all even after traveling without a map, technology, a Spanish dictionary or a plan really, and I don’t have answers to the problems I attempted to flee from, surviving life drastically different and substantially more dangerous than my own gives me courage to confidently face my life, rather than run from it.

My biggest lesson from this travel; always challenge yourself in ways that terrify you, because that is when you allow travel to truly transform and…

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